Southeast Asia

Quarterly content-led PR campaigns

The regional (Southeast Asia) job portal wanted to raise its profile as a job site in Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines and Hong Kong, and position itself as a reputable jobs portal. In a bid to increase investment on the region, they wanted to measurable results cross the funnel.


Having worked on the account across PR, content and social in each market for a while, there was an opportunity to initiate a branding campaign leveraging all existing channels (website/blogs, landing page/gated content, social channels, YouTube, PR, EDMs to employers/job-seekers) or both organic. The idea was to start with one campaign, but aim at quarterly regional brand campaigns (content-drive PR campaign).

The campaign was started was a regional survey. The resulting insights were used as a base for content creation, including press releases, bylines, brand campaign videos, downloadable guide, newsletters, blogs and social media assets.



  • Campaign videos generated over quarter million views, reaching over 873.000 people regionally
  • Over 32.000 people driven to the landing page
  • 20+ campaign-related blogs with over 18.000 page views
  • Contributed to 58% increase in AVE across the region year-on-year
  • Contributed to 87% increase in engagement on social media across the region year-on-year