Peter Schimke

Freelance Writer, Strategist & Translator

Peter Schimke is a writer and content strategist (aka a storyteller). He is also the founder and creative director of Ten Thirty. His first novel Beyond Blue was first published in June 2013.

Peter was born in Germany and has been living and working in Germany, England, The Netherlands, Japan, Spain, New Zealand, Singapore, and Portugal. He holds a Master’s degree in Comparative Literature (2013) from the University of Amsterdam and a Bachelor’s honours degree in Humanities (2012) from Amsterdam University College.

He currently works for’s (Automattic) as Marketing Growth Strategist, focusing on incubating and developing experimental new ideas, products, and services to expand the addressable market. He previously lived and worked in Singapore for 7 years, working as a Senior Content Strategist for a regional digital content agency. Peter also assists and consults companies with their digital content strategy, including SEO planning and implementation. As a freelance writer he develops, creates, and edit articles and content for various magazines and companies in Asia and Europe.

Contributed Magazines and Publications:

Candid Magazine, Paow Magazine, Virago Magazine, MillionaireAsia (Singapore & Malaysia), foodpanda Magazine, Money Digest, Explorer Publishing, Tripzilla, Going Places (Malaysia Airlines), Sun Times, Skylife (Turkish Airlines), Bon Vivant Magazine, The Honeycombers, Drinksomewhere, Sensa Nostra, Slave Mag, Poached Mag, Globe Hop

Clients (selected):

MetLife Asia,, Explorer Publishing, Pixel People, Embrace Wear, Extent Communication, Digital Boomerang, LunchClick, foodpanda, Direct Car, Executive Travel Advisor, AFG Press, Traduccom, Wings4U (Twitter), Sidekick, Language Biscuit, Predictive, Bluenest