Peter Schimke is a writer, editor, and fiction author. He is also the founder and creative director of Ten Thirty and currently working on the poetry selection At Night, to be published later this year. His first novel Beyond Blue was published in June 2013 by Mirador Publishing. He is currently editing At Night - A Poetry Collection for Ten Thirty.

He was born in Germany and has been living and working in Europe and Asia since. Currently located in Singapore, he divides his time between writing, editing, and scheming for a Singapore-based content agency, Ten Thirty, and The Foodstuff, who he founded in 2016. He is a frequent contributor to various print and online magazines, writing about art, film, travel, culture, and food. 

Peter holds a Master's degree in Comparative Literature (2013) from the University of Amsterdam and a Bachelor's honours degree in Humanities (2012) from Amsterdam University College. Peter is also the founder of the creative platform Ten Thirty, for which he is currently editing a poetry selection to be published later in 2017.

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